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Do I need to mark my underground private lines before aeration?

Yes. Underground lines such as dog fences, shallow irrigation, or electrical lines, etc. will not be the responsibility of Dorsey Lawn & Landscape.

How long is each visit?

Turf Management Applications can be applied promptly. The overall length of the visit is dependent on the Square Footage of your Lawn. Turf Management is Technical Service, the value of our Turf Management Program comes with the results they bring to your lawn; not the labor required to perform the application. Results are achieved through the use of Quality Products, and our knowledge of Agronomy, not the length of Turf Management Visit.

Your technician was just out on my property; it only took him a few minutes to do my lawn, shouldn’t it take longer?

Our spreaders cover 3-4 Feet in each direction, depending on the size of the granule used in the application. If your lawn is not too large it should only take a short while to fertilize your entire lawn.

How long should I wait to cut my lawn after you have applied fertilizer?

After each application you need to wait at least 24 hours to mow the lawn, do not mow in the early morning following the application if dew or moisture is present on your lawn.


Are the Products Safe for my Children and Animals?

Yes. These products are all registered through the Environmental Protection Agency and labeled for Residential or Commercial use. We do recommend that you stay off the areas sprayed for 2-3 hours or until dry.

Why are my weeds not gone yet?

Some weeds will take up to 2 weeks to start showing signs of an effective product application. There are some products on the market that will burn down the weeds sooner but may not provide the best control as a product that slowly kills and makes its way to the root system. Also, the post emergence herbicides that we spray are just that; only control weeds that are present and actively growing. Many broadleaf weeds can become seeded and at mature size in 3-4 weeks. Preventative applications for weed control should be made in the Spring & Fall for annual weed control. NOTE: Not all weeds can be controlled by pre-emergent products.

It rained after the products were applied, will it still be effective?

Our management staff does its best to monitor the weather to prevent this from happening, although weather can be very unpredictable. For our sprayable applications we do incorporate a surfactant into the product mixtures that causes the product to adhere to the leaf tissue. General rule of thumb is if the product is on for 2 hours, then it will have been absorbed into the pores of the leaf tissue and should be fine. Note: Some products need rainfall to become effective and rainfall or irrigation soon after application is recommended. Example: Granular Fertilizer Applications and Grub control treatments.


What type of services do you offer?

We Specialize in Lawn Care Services, however we do offer Landscaping services such as Mulch Services (Pine Straw or Mulch), Turf Installation (Seeding, Sodding and Sprigging) and Plant Installation.

When are my services done?

We service hundreds of customers throughout our area. With this being said it is hard for us to judge a specific time and date when it will be done. If you would like, we can call or email a day or two in advance for notification purposes. We service in a geographic route for each specific service provided. If we miss you because you did not respond to our notification, it may be a week or two before we are able to get back to your property.

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