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Do I Need Lawn Care in The Winter?

15 November 2021

We get this question often. It’s cold outside, Bermuda and Zoysia Turf-Grasses are dormant, and the holidays are either right around the corner or have just passed. Why would you need lawn care for dormant grass? 

There are foundational steps that set the structure for our growing season applications. While the warm season turfs are dormant, it’s a prime opportunity to correct and maintain common deficiencies in soil structure, preparing lawns for a successful spring green-up and summer growing season.

What Exactly Is Winter Lawn Care?

  • Spring Pre-Emergence
    • It’s often still cold out during this round, and that’s intentional. Pre-emergent products must be in place before spring weeds emerge. That often means putting the initial round out while it’s still cool outside. 
  • Post-Emergence Weed Control
    • Even the best pre-emergent products and applications can be challenged by the environment. If a few weeds do squeak by, we spray them while we’re making our general applications to make sure we keep our promise to you of a weed free lawn. 

At Dorsey Lawn & Landscape, we believe that no application is more important than another. Every round contributes to our overall goal of clean, beautiful lawns. In North Carolina, we have the advantage of rarely fighting snowfall, meaning we have the opportunity to perform winter lawn care to prepare soils for success come springtime. When you need to discuss winter turf care you should talk with a professional Raleigh Lawn Care Company and learn how it fits into a comprehensive program tailored for your lawn.

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Top Raleigh Lawn Care Services