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Granular Vs. Liquid (Foliar) Lawn Care Applications

21 March 2022

At Dorsey Lawn &Landscape we take a slightly different approach from most in the industry, as many
companies run a mainly liquid/foliar based program, we believe in the opposite we run predominantly granular application program. While the liquid/foliar majority route may suit other companies due to its low
cost. We don’t believe it is as effective which is why we don’ t mind paying a little more and shouldering that
expense for our clients, in order to assure we are providing the best quality service possible with the best
products available at the time.

Granular provides peak nutrient intake through its soil binding qualities and coated granules, these granules
release small portions of nutrients the plant needs for weeks and months following the product being applied.
This allows the plant to only intake what it needs thus reducing the amount of waste chemical in the
soil while allowing for constant feeding and root development. Foliar(spray) applications are mainly one hit wonders that are highly susceptible to chemical run – off when compared to granular applications. In Foliar “spray” applications the chemical is absorbed through the leaf tissue when applied, the plant takes up all the nutrients it can absorb and the rest becomes unused waste, the plant will not take up any nutrients following this application, until another application is made. Our programs do not consist of any “good, better, best” sublevels as we believe there is only one level to these services, which is the right way. We use our knowledge and experience to outline the proper Derangement and Maintenance program for our clients based on their specific species of turf grass and other environmental factors, the program we outline is what we believe to be the proper approach to take in order to achieve our client’s goals while adhering to our quality first approach.

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