• Plant & Shrub Installation

  • Plant & Shrub Installation

Plant & Shrub Experts in Raleigh, NC

Proper installation is vital to the success of new plant material. Annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs all require special needs to be met during installation. Also, needs vary within these respective groups. Soil conditions and preparations, hole size, root conditions, and light and water requirements all factor into a successful installation.

Most lawns benefit from the addition of shrubs or hedges. The two can function as a natural barrier between you and your neighbors, add character to your yard, and serve as a handy and aesthetically pleasing way of covering up any imperfections, such as uneven ground. A shrub can work complementary to your existing foliage, or you can sculpt it into something visually striking, which makes it the centerย of attention. With a couple different kinds of shrubs to select from (namely deciduous, coniferous and evergreen) the only thing limiting you is how big your lawn is!

For some, shrubs and hedges serve a practical purpose; they’re a more attractive option to your fence, and can also disguise blemishes you may have on your lawn. For others however, a shrub or hedge is a blank canvas of types; they can be pruned into many different shapes depending upon your mood, acting as a sort of living art piece. Regardless of what your motivation is, Dorsey Lawn & Landscape has the skills and knowledge to care for your shrubs. We’ll keep them in tip top form, day in and day out.

Flowering Plants

A flower garden design can be in an area by itself where it becomes a focal point of the landscape. It can also be incorporated into beds with shrubs and landscape trees.

There are many ways to design a flower garden. In addition, there are many types of flower gardens to incorporate into your landscape.

Perennial flowers, roses, annuals, herbs and even flowering shrubs can all be part of the design.

They have their own attributes that make them special to create a well rounded flower garden design. Dorsey Lawn & Landscape uses the highest quality nursery stock to ensure our clients receive a landscape with a dramatic impact.

Our team of expert landscapers will help you create and manage maintenance goals to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful all year round.

We dedicate ourselves fully to every job, no matter how little. Even if you’re seeking to plant just a few flowers around your property, you can expect the same level of care as if you were planning a large project

Every lawn is different, and so is each client! At Dorsey Lawn & Landscape we approach every project with the exceptional perspective it deserves. It not only improves our customer service, but it leaves you with a one of a kind landscape, ensuring that no two Raleigh, NC lawns look the same.

Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful Landscapes

Raleigh Landscaping

Building & Maintaining Gorgeous Landscapes

Whether you are looking for privacy hedges or just designing a beautiful aesthetic for your yard, Reach out to Dorsey Lawn & Landscape to tackle your next landscaping project. We have horticultural specialists ready to install and take care of plantings around your home from root to foliage. We have installed a variety of North Carolina native type plants such as :





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