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Weeds We Treat

Our weed control services specifically target the most common weeds seen in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas. Our team of agronomy professionals are ready to help, so no matter the type of weeds you’re seeing in your lawn, you can bet our team knows how to properly eradicate them.

Types Of Weed Control & Prevention

A flower garden design can be in an area by itself where it becomes a focal point of the landscape. It can also be incorporated into beds with shrubs and landscape trees.

There are many ways to design a flower garden. In addition, there are many types of flower gardens to incorporate into your landscape.

Perennial flowers, roses, annuals, herbs and even flowering shrubs can all be part of the design.

They have their own attributes that make them special to create a well rounded flower garden design. Dorsey Lawn & Landscape uses the highest quality nursery stock to ensure our clients receive a landscape with a dramatic impact.

Our team of expert landscapers will help you create and manage maintenance goals to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful all year round.

We dedicate ourselves fully to every job, no matter how little. Even if you’re seeking to plant just a few flowers around your property, you can expect the same level of care as if you were planning a large project

Every lawn is different, and so is each client! At Dorsey Lawn & Landscape we approach every project with the exceptional perspective it deserves. It not only improves our customer service, but it leaves you with a one of a kind landscape, ensuring that no two Raleigh, NC lawns look the same.

The most common weeds we see and treat in the Triangle Include:

  • Bluegrass (poa annua)

  • Crabgrass

  • Chickweed

  • Foxtail

  • Hairy Bittercress

  • Dandelions

  • Henbit

  • Wild Violet

  • Clover

  • Goosegrass

Raleigh Weed Control

Weed Control Products We Use

We are always keeping our eyes on new and innovative lawn care products. Products like fertilizers, mulch, and more have changed in many ways over the years and at Dorsey Lawn & Landscape we are always committed to providing the best quality products to all of our customers.

When it comes to weed control and prevention, we are very clear about our process, what we are using, and how to keep all members of your family from being affected by our applications, and to ensure the end goal is met with minimal damage to the local ecosystem and water supply.

Trust Us For Weed Control Services in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

Dorsey Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of Lawn Care & Weed Control Packages, whether you need services in the spring, summer, or annually, we can recommend the best services to help rid the weeds from your lawn. Get started by requesting your free consultation!

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